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Finance House Securities LLC (FHS) is licensed and regulated by the Securities & Commodities Authority (SCA) of the UAE. SCA also monitors Finance House Securities through a review of returns and periodic audits of accounting information and operational activities. Finance House Securities consistently complies with all regulatory requirements, including segregations of accounts i.e. between Finance House Securities accounts and Finance House Securities clients’ accounts, and capital adequacy ratios. All trades of senior management and staff are also monitored by the SCA.

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About Online Trading

Our Online Trading service provides Finance House Securities clients with a secure and user-friendly platform, and individual trading accounts, through which clients may purchase, sell and amend orders, and also monitor share prices and the status of their own portfolio with ease.



To provide superior brokerage services and advanced online trading solutions via efficient, secure administration delivered through a team of experienced professionals.


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Finance House Securities LLC (FHS) provides secure and efficient brokerage services through a team of highly experienced professionals, and offers customized and user-friendly online trading accounts, through which clients are able to monitor share prices and their own portfolios with ease.


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